Our little doctor-ballerina-writer

I have been daydreaming about Sophie’s future career since before she was born, since well before I knew whether she was even going to be a “she.” I was one of those crazy women who talked to her belly, carrying on an imaginary conversation with the baby. Since Sophie was born, Eric and I have enjoyed speculating about her future. This game is even more fun since Sophie got to be old enough to play along.

The doctor is in

Would she be a lawyer? Her natural abilities to reason and argue support that idea.

Would she be president? She sure does love to talk about Barack Obama, as well as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Would she be a ballerina? It’s a sparkly pink dream of hers at the moment.

Would she be a teacher? This one picked up steam when she started kindergarten in the fall.

Over the weekend, I was treated to a yet another fantastic career conversation. It went something like this:

Sophie: Mommy, you write stories at your work, right?

Me: Yes, Sweetie.

Sophie: And someone pays you money for that?

Me: That’s right.

Sophie: I think I’m going to be a writer when I grow up. Except my stories will be about mermaids.

Me: Sounds nice.

Sophie: I’m going to be a children’s author.

Me: {Stunned silence, as so often happens when my kids say something I’m not anticipating.}

Later that evening, Sophie got into her new Snow White costume and decided to write a poem. (It was her first; I have no idea how she decided it would be a poem rather than a “book,” which is what she usually calls her writing projects.) When she was ready, she stood up and read it aloud a couple of times, went back to the kitchen table to make some changes (all professional writers believe in the power of revision, after all) and then decided that it would best be sung rather than read.

Here’s the result. What a kid!


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