We love to read

Eric and I are so proud of the progress Sophie has made with reading during the past few months. She has had a small roster of sight words for more than a year and quickly began building on that list once kindergarten began. Now we’re seeing her developing an ability (and a willingness) to sound out words and read not just sentences but even whole books. Sophie and I read from the Junie B. Jones series most nights before bed. She has also started working her way through many of the early-reader books on her shelf. You can get a feel for Sophie’s progress in this video of her reading the super-suspenseful Mittens.

Not to be outdone, Charlotte now wants to “read” by herself, too. She isn’t yet in complete command of the alphabet, but that doesn’t stop her from mimicking her big sister. See for yourself in this video, in which she “reads” Goodnight Moon, one of her all-time favorites.


3 thoughts on “We love to read

  1. Charlotte’s page turning *is* super cute. She’s very decisive!

    Javi loved Junie B Jones.

    A love of reading is the best gift you can give a child!

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