Our baby is turning 3

Three years ago this week, Charlotte popped into our lives. She was the mellow baby I had hoped for, nursing like a champ and sleeping beautifully early on.

Since then, she has grown into a little lady with a talent for comedy, a love of bananas and strong ideas about fashion. (And, sadly, into a child who will not go to sleep without a parent rubbing her back for an hour.) Charlotte loves watching TV, playing dress-up with her big sister and going as high as possible on the swings. She can play Rock Band with the family and knows her way around an iPhone already.

She has taught us about love, kindness and patience and has given us so much laughter. We’re so blessed to have this delightful girl in our lives every day and we can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for her as she continues to grow and learn.

Happy birthday, Charlotte Betty Noodle!

Here’s a look at the last year:

[rockyou id=157366531&w=426&h=320]


4 thoughts on “Our baby is turning 3

  1. Happy Birthday Charlotte!

    Rachel, you are like the consummate Earth Mother. This little girl is so lucky to have found her way across the Universe into your care. I can only imagine that her opportunities in life will be boundless having had such a loving foundation. It touches me to think how many blessings you and she and the rest of your family will share as a result of your good heart and love for her.

  2. A *very* happy birthday to Miss Charlotte! I loved the slide show of pictures. She has changed so much in three years and grown into such a lovely little girl. Enjoy your day with you new three year old! 🙂

  3. Sybil and I just watched this lovely slide show and Sybil had one major comment to make: “‘I love Charlott’s beautiful dress!” Indeed, you little ladies have some lovely shiny outfits—so awesome! And indeed, what a lucky little girl to have such a smart and talented mommy. Happy birthday Charlotte!!!

  4. Aw! Charlotte is an amazing girl and you are the perfect mom for her. I feel blessed to have your family in my life despite the miles and logistics separating us.

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