Health report on the kiddos

We had a big day yesterday!

Charlotte’s annual checkup went super-smoothly. She is 41 1/4 inches tall, which is the 100th percentile. She weighs 36 pounds, which is the 90th percentile. A big girl, for sure! The pediatrician said she’s on track to be 5-foot-10 one day, though I think there must be something wrong with the chart. There’s nothing like an annual exam to make a mom stop and compare her children. I’d say Charlotte’s probably ahead of Sophie at this age on the gross motor skills side of things, but a bit behind her big sis on “academic” skills. Charlotte knows all her shapes and colors and most of the numbers from 0-9, but she shows little interest in the alphabet so far.

Sophie, meanwhile, had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night. She lost her third tooth, but it was a biggie: the first of her top front teeth to come out. Mrs. G., a teacher’s aide in Sophie’s kindergarten class, pulled the tooth after lunch with a paper towel. The Tooth Fairy was caught by surprise and did not have her usual supply of golden dollar coins available. Instead, Sophie received a Hello Kitty bracelet and necklace set, Hello Kitty push-up crayons and a fancy T-shirt with ballet slippers on it. Sophie’s reaction: “The Tooth Fairy is so kind!” What a kid!


2 thoughts on “Health report on the kiddos

  1. Those girls are growing up too fast! I love Julius on Sophie’s shirt, and Charlotte’s stats are crazy (in a good way). Bella would look like a shrimp standing beside her.

  2. Wow, I’m impressed that Charlotte is so tall! She always looks like such a cute little button in her photos, I’m surprised that she is 100th percentile. What a pretty dress in that photo.

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