Thank you, Mrs. Waterman!

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Sophie and I talked about her teacher and about kindergarten for a little video (see below). Kelly Waterman, Sophie’s teacher at Tioga Hills Elementary, has done a beautiful job with this class. It can’t be easy to spend the entire day with a roomful of spirited, inquisitive 5- and 6-year-olds (I’m exhausted after the car ride home some days!) but this woman does it with amazing poise.

Sophie loves going to school and has made remarkable progress with reading and writing during the course of the year. Her class has taken field trips, learned about computers, planted flowers and sung songs. We’re so grateful that our daughter has had this positive experience at the beginning of elementary school, and we hope it will provide a good foundation for the rest of her education.


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Mrs. Waterman!

  1. This is positively tooooo cool. and what a thoughtful thing for you to put together!

    Oh, and what an AWESOME little girl!!

  2. Wow! I am so touched. I am truly lucky to have crossed your families path. It is an honor to teach Sophie everyday. Sophie is an amazing little girl with so much to offer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  3. I love this video! Sophie you did a great job making this video with Mom!! We all think Mrs. Waterman is pretty special too!!! You are such a sweet girl!!

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