Sophie’s turning 6

Six years ago this week, Sophie Jean Coker made her debut. She had her own ideas about the world right from the start, and she hasn’t ever had trouble expressing them.

Our sweet baby girl – the one who hated to ride in the car, loved to nap in the swing and never missed a chance to nurse – grew into a toddler with a distinct laugh, a warm heart and a love of Thomas the Tank Engine. Then one day she was a preschooler obsessed with knock-knock jokes, Fancy Nancy and craft projects. Lately, she’s a reader, a swimmer, a pop music junkie and, to hear her tell it, a future Princess-Doctor-Ballerina. She sees no reason that she won’t be president of the United States one day, too.

Sophie made us into parents and has been teaching us about life and its meaning ever since. We are so incredibly proud of her, whether she’s running around (a bit aimlessly) on the soccer field, tapping her toes in a dance recital or just snuggled up on the couch reading out loud to her little sister.

Happy birthday, Sophie!

Here’s a look at the last year:

[rockyou id=157941489&w=426&h=320]


3 thoughts on “Sophie’s turning 6

  1. She is so amazingly beautiful and she has such an inspiring outlook on life. She is certainly going to go far and be able to accomplish whatever she sets out to do.

    Great pictures and a great birthday post for Miss Sophie! I hope she has a fantastic 6th birthday!!

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