Embarrassing your kids online

Do you hesitate to post embarrassing stuff about your kids online? Do you think it matters if they’re 3, 6 or 16? Where do you draw the line? Is a Facebook status update OK because it’s only seen by friends (or, at least, only by “friends”) and is somewhat temporary? What about a blog post like this one that can be read by anyone anywhere, and is more likely to be archived in some way?

I ask because I posted this photo of Charlotte last night on Facebook. I would never have done it if she were old enough to have a Facebook page of her own, obviously, but then I started to wonder if that’s fair.

What do you think? Are our kids going to hate us later when their friends uncover huge caches of baby photos, updates about potty training and such? What’s the most (potentially) embarrassing thing you’ve shared about your children?


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing your kids online

  1. Hey Rachel. CUTE photo, my friend with the same sneakers as me!! My only concern are the FREAKS and PERVS that could be looking at any photos of kids that are available. Having said that, OMG, what a precious photo of the Char!!! xoxoxo, el

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