Theories about the Tooth Fairy

Sophie's letter to the Tooth Fairy

Sophie has a loose tooth for the first time in more than a year. She talks about the Tooth Fairy on and off, but things kicked into high gear last night. That’s when Sophie decided to write the Tooth Fairy a letter and began expounding on her theories related to how the Tooth Fairy knows when a kid is about to lose a tooth. (Hint: Satellite monitoring is involved.)

“Dear Tooth Fairy,” she wrote. “I finaly have a lose tooth! I love you. love, Sophie. P.S. It’s rilly wigly.” (Fun spelling preserved here for your enjoyment. Please note that the Tooth Fairy sports a side ponytail. It’s the height of fashion.)

I couldn’t resist shooting a mini-interview with Sophie in which I asked her to explain her theories.

The Tooth Fairy didn’t visit last night (I happen to know she was exhausted and fell asleep while watching a movie), but that didn’t phase this 7-year-old. She’s confident that a combination of heavy rain and lowered blinds kept the Tooth Fairy from collecting her note.

Tonight will be different!

Here’s the video:


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