We are party people

We had two amazing birthday parties this year as Charlotte turned 6 and Sophie turned 9. Thanks in part to Pinterest and in part to my general craziness, there’s no end to the cool details and projects that can go along with kids’ birthday parties these days.

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For Charlotte, we had a tea party for the girls in her class plus a few special friends and relatives. We set up a photo backdrop, complete with white gloves and paper parasols, prepared a sit-down lunch with tea sandwiches and organized a decorate-your-own-hat craft. I made a giant surprise ball for a game of pass the parcel, and every kid received a little prize. Check out my Now We Are Six pinboard.

Sophie wanted a Harry Potter party, and she invited all of her friends who had read at least one of the books. I don’t think she gave them a test before adding them to the guest list. We knew months ahead of time that she wanted to party like a wizard, and Eric and I have both read the Harry Potter series, so everyone played a part in organizing the day. I made invitations that looked like the letter Harry receives from Dumbledore in the first book. All the kids received a wand and either wore a robe or got one when they arrived for school. We had a Sorting Ceremony and then a series of classes, with my mom teaching Herbology and my brother leading Potions. Last but not least we arranged a Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt, awarded prize money and set up a mini Honeydukes shop where the kids could spend their Sickles and Knuts. I have no idea how we’ll top this party, but it was a blast for all of us! You can see some of the inspiration on my Harry Potter pinboard.


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