If you give a kid a party…

If you give a kid a party…

If you give a kid a party, you’ll want to clean the house.
If you want to clean the house, you’ll need to steam-clean the carpets.
If you want to steam the carpets, you’ll need to get the machine from the garage.
When you go in the garage, you’ll find a bag of trash to go outside.
When you take the trash outside, you’ll notice some shrubs need to be trimmed.
While trimming the shrubs, you’ll remember that you should be cleaning the carpets.
If you go back inside to clean the carpets, you’ll see that they need to be vacuumed first.
When you get the vacuum from the bathroom closet, you’ll see your glasses.
If you see your glasses, you’ll remember that you need to take out your contacts.
When you take out your contacts, you might as well remove your makeup.
When you remove your makeup, you’ll see the vacuum again.
If you use the vacuum, you’ll finally be ready to clean the carpets.
And if you clean the carpets, you might as well give the kid a party.


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