November already?

OK, so that has to have been the fastest-flying October in history. We did pack a lot in (The Wiggles, my business trip to Texas, lots of soccer, visits to pumpkin farms) but I just can’t believe it’s November already.

Given that it IS, in fact, November, I have to start thinking about Thanksgiving. We’ve hosted a big dinner for the holiday every year since we got married. A lot has changed, of course: We no longer have to sit down to dinner in the garage like we used to! But some things are the same: I’ll be experimenting with new recipes for the next few weeks in search of great hors d’oeuvres and side dishes to add to the lineup.

This weekend, I tried Rachael Ray’s “penne-wise pumpkin pasta” as well as a Better Homes and Gardens recipe for a pumpkin cream cheese spread that serves as a nice dip for spice cookies. I liked the pasta, but it was not much of a hit with the kids. The dip, on the other hand, was well liked by kids and adults alike. It’s a keeper!sophieintheleaves2_lomo_web