Honoring Eric on Father’s Day

Allow me to take a moment to brag on Eric, one of the most loving and patient fathers I know.

This is a man who does not hesitate to put his family’s best interests ahead of his own desires.

This is a man who knows how to behave at a tea party, a ball or whatever other imaginary activity Sophie and Charlotte have in mind.

This is a man who can make his kids laugh.

This is a man who’s teaching his kids to play Wii Rock Band.

This is a man who administers kisses and special Band-Aids when his daughters are hurt.

This is a man who knows the names of his daughters’ teachers and friends, their favorite colors and foods, even their favorite princesses.

This is a man who can lull a baby to sleep.

This is a man who’s happy to ride the littlest roller coaster if it means his daughter can sit next to him in the very first car.

This is a man who can hold his own at home with the kids for a week without his wife.

This is a man who can draw on a place mat, make up a song on the spot and otherwise entertain small children in public.

This is a man whose eyes shine with love when he looks at his daughters.

This is a dad.

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Super-cool word cloud app

Check out this amazing, star-shaped word cloud that I just created with Tagxedo:

It’s gorgeous, like Wordle but all grown up.

It also reveals that I need to write more about Charlotte. And Eric!