My new favorite to-do list

I’ve been feeling pressed for time lately. There are too many meetings and not enough hours in the day. Too many rules to enforce with the kids and not enough time to play.

You may be surprised, then, that making a to-do list brought me such joy yesterday. Until you see what’s on it:

Best. Summer. Ever. Right? Just talking with Eric and the kids about all this fun stuff made me feel great!


Honoring Eric on Father’s Day

Allow me to take a moment to brag on Eric, one of the most loving and patient fathers I know.

This is a man who does not hesitate to put his family’s best interests ahead of his own desires.

This is a man who knows how to behave at a tea party, a ball or whatever other imaginary activity Sophie and Charlotte have in mind.

This is a man who can make his kids laugh.

This is a man who’s teaching his kids to play Wii Rock Band.

This is a man who administers kisses and special Band-Aids when his daughters are hurt.

This is a man who knows the names of his daughters’ teachers and friends, their favorite colors and foods, even their favorite princesses.

This is a man who can lull a baby to sleep.

This is a man who’s happy to ride the littlest roller coaster if it means his daughter can sit next to him in the very first car.

This is a man who can hold his own at home with the kids for a week without his wife.

This is a man who can draw on a place mat, make up a song on the spot and otherwise entertain small children in public.

This is a man whose eyes shine with love when he looks at his daughters.

This is a dad.

[rockyou id=157913469&w=426&h=320]

Rock Band sure does rock

We adore Rock Band for the Wii, which we’ve only had for a couple of months. Great game, great fun — for all of us. The other night all four of us played (well, the girls were accompanying us on various non-Wii percussion instruments for some of the time) and especially enjoyed ourselves on Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy.”

Check out Charlotte having a ball with the drums in this video. See how happy she is in this photo, while she’s drumming?drumming_web┬áSee how upset she was when we told her her turn was over? Wow.pouting_web

November already?

OK, so that has to have been the fastest-flying October in history. We did pack a lot in (The Wiggles, my business trip to Texas, lots of soccer, visits to pumpkin farms) but I just can’t believe it’s November already.

Given that it IS, in fact, November, I have to start thinking about Thanksgiving. We’ve hosted a big dinner for the holiday every year since we got married. A lot has changed, of course: We no longer have to sit down to dinner in the garage like we used to! But some things are the same: I’ll be experimenting with new recipes for the next few weeks in search of great hors d’oeuvres and side dishes to add to the lineup.

This weekend, I tried Rachael Ray’s “penne-wise pumpkin pasta” as well as a Better Homes and Gardens recipe for a pumpkin cream cheese spread that serves as a nice dip for spice cookies. I liked the pasta, but it was not much of a hit with the kids. The dip, on the other hand, was well liked by kids and adults alike. It’s a keeper!sophieintheleaves2_lomo_web

A beautiful fall day

We enjoyed a beautiful fall Sunday, complete with time for a walk to the local park and some yard work. It pretty much made up for the total washout on Saturday, which led to Sophie’s soccer game being canceled. sophiesleafbouquetlittlehelper2

Hello world!

Welcome to our new family blog. This replaces our lost site at geocities, which will officially be shut down this month. Come back to check up on Rachel, Eric, Sophie and Charlotte.