Back-to-school love for moms

It may not be popular to say this, especially in late August, but I actually love getting my kids ready for back to school. New backpacks, fresh markers, sharp pencils, all of it! I also enjoy sending little care packages to people, especially to mom friends. Recently, I combined these two things and made a couple of fun, inexpensive care packages for mothers who are looking forward to the start of the school year.

Check out the great little things I found:

Back to school care package

One package included a rejuvenating face mask, jelly beans, nail polish, tea, mints, Advil and a mini picture frame.













Back-to-school care package

The other included mints, a mini-picture frame, an emergency sewing kit, Advil, M&Ms, tea and a Sharpie. Maybe more practical!











I also had fun thinking of a back-to-school tie in for the container. Here’s what I came up with:

Back-to-school care package

Lunch boxes in bright colors from the dollar store.

Back-to-school care package

These fit into a standard padded mailer with a little room to spare.











So, for less than $10, I think these are pretty great. I’m already thinking about some happy mail ideas for fall, too!