The Girl Who Grew a Mustash

A short story by Sophie Coker age 8

One day a vary long time ago thar was a girl named Anna. She lived on a vary steep hill. No other girl lived near her exsept her sister Alana. Alana liked to play video games.

Girl with Moustache by Sophie, age 8

Anna was eating chocolet one day and it melted in her hands. She ran to the sink. Well she was running, her dog Meatball was in the hallway playing with his chew toy. Thar was slober all over the flor. When Meatball saw how fast Anna was runing he ran as fast as he could with his chew toy. Anna sliped on the slober. She did a flip in the air. She landed on her hed and coclote druped under her nose. She got to the bathroom and washed her face and went to bed.

The next morning she went to the bathroom and looked in the meror. Thar was brown hair all under her nose. “What in the world?” sed Anna. “Only boy’s grow mustashes!”

She yelled so loud that Alana woke up. “What happend?” seid Alana in a drousy voice.

“This happend.” seid Anna. “What am I going to do?”

Thar was a big brown swilly mustash under her nose.

“What did you do last night?” seid Alana.

“Well I ate choclet and I sliped on Meatball’s slober.”

“I have a neakles that can get rid of stuff,” seid Alana. “Put it on.”

“OK,” seid Anna.

She put it on and she had a feeling that she was floting. Wen she came down her mustash was gon. She was so happy.

“Thak you Alana,” Anna crid. She was so happy.

The end.

(Creative spelling preserved, as ever, for posterity and your amusement.)