Super Charlotte turns 7!

charlottefliesCharlotte dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween last year, and she has been fascinated by superheroes ever since. For her seventh birthday, we celebrated with a superhero bash in the back yard. It was freezing here in upstate New York, but that didn’t stop these first-graders from having a good time.

One of the coolest things we did was to set up a photo booth so the kids could have their picture taken while “flying.” We put up two pieces of this cool paper (intended for school bulletin boards, I think) on the wall, plugged in a fan and let the kids strike a pose. Dollar store capes and make-your-own masks (thanks, Oriental Trading!) completed the look.

For games, I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration. We ended up doing Pass the Kryptonite (based on hot potato, always a classic). Then the kids practiced using the Lasso of Truth (a yellow hula hoop) to capture Spiderman (silly, I know, but we couldn’t find a punching bag with a bad guy on it!). After that, they rescued some superheroes who had been captured by Mr. Freeze (this involved warm water in water guns). Finally, they had a chance to practice shooting their webs (silly string; I wish I had bought a can per kid because they went through it so quickly).


Here’s the silly string in action!


Mr. Freeze didn’t stand a chance!


There goes the Lasso of Truth!

I didn’t photograph the food or party favors, but I will say I was pleased with this great set of paper products from Birthday Express. It allowed us to include a variety of superheroes while still expressing the party theme nicely. A roll of matching stickers let me dress up the favor bags and doubled as seals for the invitation and thank you notes.