The Year in Review: 2010

Welcome to our 2010 Year in Review!

As 2010 draws to a close, we can’t help but focus on our amazing daughters, who seem to learn and grow more and more by the moment. Charlotte, who has announced plans to become a rock star when she grows up, is learning her letters and starting to get more interested in arts and crafts. Sophie, who’s in first grade, is reading and writing constantly. She continues to show tremendous kindness and nearly insatiable curiosity, as well as flashes of a possible future teenage attitude. During the summer, both kids took swim lessons. They love the water! These days, they play together pretty well and especially enjoy dressing up in elaborate costumes. They’re also thrilled to have a new cousin to play with: Eric’s brother and his wife had a baby girl in the spring.

Eric launched a new online-only version of Inside, the paper for faculty and staff at Binghamton University, this year. It means that for the first time since junior high, neither of us have a connection to traditional ink-on-paper newspapers. Still, the site has been a success and allows Eric to experiment with new ways of covering the campus. He even had a chance to interview Donna Summer this year. Eric, who still follows pop music, the Steelers and the UNC Tarheels with near-religious fervor, has also become a Strat-O-Matic devotee.

Rachel continues to edit the research magazine at Binghamton University, covering topics ranging from ancient DNA to condensed-matter physics. She traveled this year to several conferences and spoke at the annual meeting of the University Research Magazine Association (yes, there is such a thing). In the spring, she became first vice president of Temple Concord, the local Reform synagogue. Rachel, who’s still the community leader for an online moms group, squeezed in a couple of cooking classes and a new book club this year, too.

As the girls get bigger, the grownups are able to do a bit more traveling again. In 2010, we met our friends Heather and Shannon for a long weekend in New York City and spent four days in Montreal. That trip included an amazing concert performance by Sting with the Royal Philharmonic as well as some spectacular food. Of course, we also took a few family vacations. We had a great time at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos and once again bought season passes for Sesame Place, which we took full advantage of during the summer.

We’re looking forward to more family fun as well as professional challenges (the research magazine is going to be published twice a year starting this year!) in 2011. Please keep in touch! We’d love to hear what’s new with you and yours.

— Rachel, Eric, Sophie and Charlotte

Album of the Year: American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem

Our favorite songs of 2010 (click on the links to see the videos!):

Eric’s picks:

  1. When the Sun’s Out by James Maddock
  2. Should be Loved by Blue October
  3. Boxer by The Gaslight Anthem
  4. Do You Love Me by Guster
  5. Slice by Five for Fighting
  6. Thinking ‘ Bout Somethin’ by Hanson
  7. So Obvious by Runner Runner
  8. Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s
  9. F**k You by Cee Lo Green
  10. Stay the Night by James Blunt

Rachel’s picks:

  1. Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s
  2. Boxer by The Gaslight Anthem
  3. F**k You by Cee Lo Green
  4. Change of Time by Josh Ritter
  5. Impossible by Daniel Merriweather
  6. Animal by Neon Trees
  7. Crash Years by The New Pornographers
  8. Represent by Weezer
  9. Fearless Love by Melissa Etheridge
  10. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over by Amy Macdonald

Links to our previous Year in Review features:











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