The Year in Review: 2008

What a busy year we’ve had! Eric and Rachel both switched jobs in 2008; Sophie started pre-kindergarten and Charlotte began full-time day care. The best news of all is that the four of us are on the same schedule at long last, with evenings and (normal) weekends together.

In May, Rachel left her much-loved position as editor of the faculty/staff paper at Binghamton University for a challenging and exciting new job in the Office of Research Advancement on campus. She’s now writing for and editing an annual research magazine as well as an electronic newsletter devoted to research and doing lots of other projects besides. In her “free” time this year, Rachel also put in numerous hours on the synagogue’s board of trustees, wrote some freelance pieces about wine and home decor and began working with two women who needed a project director for a book they’re writing about autism. She also attained her lifetime membership at Weight Watchers in the spring. (Click here to read more about that.)

Eric left his longtime position as news editor at the Press & Sun-Bulletin at the end of the summer. It was difficult to leave the world of newspapers, but also a relief to escape from a newsroom that was understaffed and overworked. Happily, he was able to get Rachel’s former job and is now enjoying the fantastic colleagues and more relaxed pace of the weekly paper at Binghamton University.

Sophie began pre-kindergarten at the Jewish Community Center in September. She had no difficulty adjusting to the new school and new schedule. Sophie continues to follow in Rachel’s (nerdy) footsteps and sometimes fights with her parents when she wants to do her homework the very second we all walk in the door! She loves all things pink, especially princesses and Hello Kitty. Her favorite books this year are from the series about Fancy Nancy.

Charlotte began going to full-day day care at the JCC in November. She’s in a wonderful classroom with a great teacher and has settled nicely into her new routine. Charlotte’s not as mellow as she was as a tiny baby, but she’s still an easygoing and affectionate kid. We’re delighted by her ever-expanding vocabulary, though not by her penchant for waking up in the middle of the night to nurse.

Other highlights of our busy, busy summer included a week in and around Williamsburg, Virginia, with Rachel’s mom and aunts. (Who knew that Jamestown would be more fun than Busch Gardens?) We also enjoyed a relaxing week in a rented house on Lake Champlain with Eric’s parents, his brother and sister-in-law and Rachel’s mom. (Who knew we’d like our day touring some Quebec vinyards as much as our day in Montreal, generally one of our favorite cities on earth?)

We hope this note finds you and yours happy and healthy, if also likely a little lighter in your 401(k). Thanks for checking in, and please keep in touch!

–Rachel, Eric, Sophie and Charlotte


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